Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BURN FAT, LOSE WEIGHT - Permanently Burn Your Belly Fat in a Few Simple Steps - I Did It!

When it comes to weight loss, diets, fitness and nutrition, you have to remember that it won’t be an easy journey, especially at the beginning, but it will be very well worth your time, for your long term fitness and overall health.

You must eat highly nutritious whole foods, watch carefully your portion size, like half a sandwich every couple of hours, and most importantly, you must move around, like walking fast for half an hour 5 days per week, which happens to be the easiest and best exercise for overall weight loss, especially if you don’t like exercising.

The more you move, the faster you’ll burn your body fat … if you remember one thing, then just remember this: oxygen is the number one fat burner, and the more you move, the more oxygen enters your body, the more body fat you will burn … plain and simple!

I limit myself to 3 exercise routines I love most, and you should too, which are doing the trick for me and it will for you too, because the more types of exercise you try to incorporate into your daily or 3 times per week routine, the less likely you're going to do them all, and eventually you'll give them all up.

My 3 favorite exercises are the following:

a) Power Walking … half an hour or more per day, 5 days a week. Half an hour real fast walk is more than enough.

b) Toe Raises … standing in place, raise your entire self on your toes, as high up as you can, as fast as you can, for 1 minute each day or 5 days per week. This will very much improve your peripheral and overall body circulation. Peripheral circulation is very important, especially if you sit behind a desk all day, and more so when you get older, as the tiny veins in your extremities, tend to narrow with age, especially if you suffer from diabetes.

Don't forget, another benefit is stronger calf muscles … and don't get scared after 1 minute of raises, if you can't feel your calves … they'll feel very heavy, and you'll feel strange standing and moving, but this goes away in about 5 minutes, or so.

c) The Ski Walk … that's what I call this one … make believe you're moving forward with your skies on, and of course, each time you move, you have to raise your hand and move the stick forward, one hand for each step, in order to advance.

So, stand straight up, your feet about 6-8 inches apart, lower your body forward, at about 45 degree angle, straighten your lower back, legs straight as a board, and start swinging forwards and backwards, one arm at a time, as high forward as you can, like above your head, and as high up backwards as you can, with an 8 to 10 lb. dumbbell in each hand.

Do this while standing firmly in place, for about 30 to 50 times, or until you get tired. Of course, tighten your abdominal muscles, as you do this, as it will be easier for you to swing … either way, the 6 pack does get a good workout here, and your entire body gets a full strength workout, as well … the perfect body toning exercise … a pleasant and simple one, too.

Bottom line … the 3 overly simplistic, not time consuming exercises, together with eating real foods and watching portion size, is all you need to lose and keep your weight off forever … trust me, I did it - I know it!

Good luck, God Bless you and stay healthy …

Catherine Haensen
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